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List of features Basic Enhanced    
Number of Academic Subjects that can be monitored 6 Subjects 12 Subjects Sample Info
Number of Home Related Tasks that can be monitored 6 Tasks 12 Tasks Sample Info
Grade Calculator Sample Info
Set Weekly Allowance    
Set Goal Grade    
Set Weekly Incentive for achieving Goal Grade    
Set Weekly Penalty for failing to achieve Goal Grade    
Statement of Allowance Earned Sample Info
Grades Graphs for last 24 weeks Sample Info
Grades Chart for up to 8 weeks Sample Info
Grades Chart for up to 24 weeks   Sample Info
Receive weekly email notifications of progress   Info
Vault for Photographs   Info
Vault for Documents   Info
Vault for Audio clips   Info
Vault for Video clips   Info
Vault storage capacity 100 Mb 1 Gb   Info
Setup and monitor a Wish List   Sample Info
Invite Sponsors to participate in child's motivation   Sample Info
Cost per child FREE $9.99 per year    
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