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AlphaGrade Launches Service That Teaches Children How To Avoid The Next Recession

AlphaGrade starts an online service that is based on the age-old practice of parents linking allowance to chores. The free AlphaGrade service, takes this weekly allowance undertaking one step further by developing a system that is transparent and makes the child accountable for their actions.

Cupertino, Calif January 15, 2009 - AlphaGrade ( introduces a comprehensive web based tool for parents and guardians to assist children in developing healthy habits to stay on top of school work and home chores by linking allowance to results. Motivating and monitoring the progress of young children and teenagers has always been subjective and can often lead to debate between parent and child. AlphaGrade uses weekly progress and self-assessment by children to monitor and benchmark performance improvement.

We know that "Easy Credit" is one of the primary reasons for the present recession. There is no guarantee that banks will not repeat the same mistakes in the future, but it is possible to teach our children today about the risks of spending without the ability to earn. Tying in their daily school work and home chores to their weekly allowance clearly establishes a link between ability to earn and spend. Assuming a child imbibes the habit of "earning" weekly allowance, it may be less likely for them to become victims of the next recession.

Every child has a will to perform better than they presently do -- one of the problems is that they do not have a visible benchmark to achieve or historical data to compare improvement. AlphaGrade has developed a set of effective tools that include the AlphaGrade Calculator, historical reports, charts, allowance statements and other utilities that effectively motivate a child to succeed.

Parents understand the value of benchmarking and earnings, a normal practice in any work place. AlphaGrade aims to teach children the same concept of earned compensation by showing them a visible history of their performance and path to improvement. Parents expect children to do their school and home related chores without having to repeatedly tell them or get into an antagonistic situation. On the other hand, children are not in the habit of doing their routine tasks and would rather ignore their existence. AlphaGrade links these daily school and home chores to their 'earned' allowance, which gives them a repeated weekly reminder to do what is expected from them -- all in a non-confrontational setting.

"I have been using the system with my child and I can see first-hand, the difference it has made in our relationship," says Mahesh Hinduja,'s founder. "I don't have to tell him what is expected -- it is as if we have a contract for school and home chores that is documented through the AlphaGrade web site. I have definitely seen an improvement in school work as he is now more motivated and pushes to achieve his AlphaGrade goals. He recently achieved his first milestone with AlphaGrade and used his AlphaGrade earned allowance to buy ice skates."

AlphaGrade also provides for children to build Wish lists and invite family members and friends to act as Sponsors and be a part of the child's development and motivation.

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AlphaGrade is a division of MaGlobe, Inc. a company based in Cupertino, CA. As a company, MaGlobe has been innovative and developed products for niche markets and expanding opportunities since 2001. AlphaGrade is an online service that provides parents a method to incentivize their children to do better at school and at home.

Contact: Mahesh Hinduja
(888) 277-2997

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