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What Can I Expect?

Child or Parent enters weekly grades  
When: Any time before Saturday night (11.59 PM PST)  
Purpose: This builds a record of grades to compare weekly improvements  
Expected Result: Gets the child into a habit of weekly self assessment  
Time taken: Approximately 5 - 7 minutes  
AlphaGrade calculates child's earned allowance for the week  
When: Sunday morning (by 8.00 AM PST)  
Purpose: This information is emailed to the parent / guardian
This information is also available online
Expected Result: Parent verifies grades and releases allowance based on the weeks performance  
Motivate child to develop good habits  
How: Use Reports and Charts Sample
Purpose: Reports and Charts show a historical view of the child's progress and can be used to identify the high and low points over the previous weeks. Sample
Expected Result: Examining these Reports and Charts will show the child their strengths and weakness. This will help them see the results of their various actions and develop successful habits.  
Child or Parent can estimate future progress options  
How: Use the AlphaGrade Calculator Sample
Purpose: This helps a child identify individual areas of strengths / weakness where they can focus improvement  
Expected Result: Children can visually see their goals and expected benefit in allowance earned  
Teach child planned earning and spending  
How: Learn to use 'Statement of Allowance Earned' Sample
Purpose: To teach concept of balancing spending within means of earned allowance  
Expected Result: Children can learn how to plan for future expenses and save their allowance
This will have a long term impact on the child and teach them to be self sufficient
Child can create a Wish List  
How: Use the 'Wish List' feature Sample
Purpose: Lets the child prioritize their demands and plan their purchases, while putting a monetary value to it  
Expected Result: Teach children the relation between working hard, responsibility and rewards  
Invite Sponsors to further motivate your child  
How: Use the 'Sponsors' feature Sample
Purpose: To involve family members and friends, who are interested in your child's well being and have shown an interest in being a part of their development  
Expected Result: Provide multiple additional motivation options to your child while getting support from well meaning family members and friends  
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