AlphaGrade is a tool for parents / guardians, to assist in motivating pre-teens and teenagers to earn their weekly allowance by linking it to their school grades and other home related tasks. (Examples: citizenship, cleanliness, chores, etc.)

While using allowance to motivate is an age-old practice, AlphaGrade takes it one step further and has developed a system which makes the process transparent and the child accountable. Using the AlphaGrade child motivation technique, parents can expect to get children to repeatedly do tasks, which eventually become good habits.

A single result of grade improvement or a simple change in habit of keeping their room clean, will justify the use of the service.

The idea behind this service is to use a simple concept parents / guardians have been using forever - Motivate children by using their allowance as a negotiating tool to get better results.

Using the service, children are expected to learn:

bullet Responsibility and Self assessment
bullet Doing their school work and home chores without being told to do so
bullet Value of money
bullet Planned spending of allowance earned
bullet Good habits by repeatedly doing expected tasks
What can I expect? What is my child's AlphaGrade?

How does it work?


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