Pre-teens and Teenagers

 Children often wonder
 "How much will my grade improve if I do better this week"
 "What's in it for me?"
 "Why do I have to do all the work around the house?"
 "How do I earn additional allowance?"
 How this information is processed
 "I don't know - I will put it off as I don't think it will matter"
 "All the hard work and I don't even know if it's worth it"
 "I should not be liable for all the work"
 "I need to buy something and my allowance does not cover it"
 How AlphaGrade changes the perspective
 "I can use the AlphaGrade Calculator and historical progress report and charts"
 "Use the Allowance Statement and see where my money goes - I can save now"
 "I really don't do all the work - I am responsible only for what's listed in AlphaGrade"
 "I always complete my school and home chores and earn the incentive allowance"

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